The Old Berkhamstedians

TOB Trust Company


The Charitable Trust exists to provide help to the School and its pupils.  This year we have given a further £26,000, all of it from income.  This covers Bursary and Scholarship contributions to The Berkhamstedian Foundation, funding for the Knox Johnston voyages, Travel Grants to students, Old Berkhamstedian Prizes, together with other purchases for the School. 

The total of charitable contributions to the School from The Old Berkhamstedians has now exceeded £300,000 since its establishment. 

The Trust was established to provide consistent and growing support for the School.  It acts as the Custodian and Guardian of the many donations from OB’s over many years. The Trust retains around 10% of the annual investment income for reinvestment, in order to maintain the growth of support. The Capital of the fund is not generally spent unless there are an exceptional set of circumstances. The Trust is operated by a Board of Directors who report regularly to the main committee of The Old Berkhamstedians Limited.


John Rush

Hon Treasurer