The Old Berkhamstedians

Old Berkhamstedians Lodge

The formation of this Freemasons Lodge was entirely the conception of C.M. Cox, who had come to the School before the turn of the twentieth century and had afterwards served it for nigh on fifty years as Master, Headmaster and Governor. He and his close friends, A.S. Baker and W. Scott, also masters of the School, took the first steps to bring the Lodge into being.

A letter inviting Old Berkhamstedian Freemasons to join in founding a Lodge appeared in The Berkhamstedian of April 1925 and there was a ready response.  A Warrant was issued by Grand Lodge on 2nd February 1927 and the Consecration took place at the School on 21st May 1927.  The first regular meeting was held in the Music Room at the School on 6th August 1927 and the preamble to the Bye-Laws stated that the Lodge was established for the association and convenience of Old Berkhamstedians.  That definition included those who had been educated at the School, together with present and former Governors and members of the Staff.

At the end of the first year the membership numbered thirty-six, but over the last seventy-three years the numbers have increased to the present fifty-five.  The annual Installation Meetings were originally held in London, but all meetings are now held at the School.  The Lodge meets on four Saturday afternoons each year at Castle Campus, followed by a dinner.  The Installation Meetings are held annually in Old Hall.  In view of the history and situation of the Lodge gatherings, it is very popular with visitors from other Lodges, who come regularly to enjoy the fellowship, for Old School Lodges have a special character.


The membership has been opened further to include fathers and legal guardians of both present and past pupils from all the previous Schools.  We are always pleased to hear from anyone interested in becoming a Freemason, or in becoming a joining member if already a Freemason.

Freemasonry is not a secret society, since all members are free to acknowledge their membership.  Its constitution and rules are available to the public and there are no secrets about its aims and principles.  Freemasonry is a society of men, over the age of twenty-one, who are concerned with moral and spiritual values.

Contact Details

Anyone wishing to find out more, with a view to joining, will be made most welcome.  For this information and details of our regular meetings, please contact The Secretary, David Innes-Lumsden by email on