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The Old Berkhamstedians Mentoring Programme

 Old Berkhamstedians Mentoring Scheme



Are you looking for a more satisfying job? Perhaps you want to enhance your career prospects, but you're a bit hesitant about how best to market your own capabilities and special skills, or maybe you are half way through a university course but unsure where it is taking you.

OR MAYBE ......

You been working in your current field for 5 years or more and feel that you could help a new graduate offering advise and support?

The Mentoring Scheme: We are currently compiling a database of all those who wolud be willing support our new graduates at the start of their career. There will be strict guidelines in place for both the mentor and student.

The Buddy System: If you are at University, or just graduated, your help could be invaluable to out 6th form students. 'On the ground' knowledge of universities and their courses would help oursixth formers with their choices.

The Old Berkhamstedians also have a LinkedIn site, where you can network and connect with other professional Old Berkhamstedians for your future career moves. For further information on this, please click here.

For further information on any of the details above, please contact Vicky Rees at or call on 01442 358 111.