The Old Berkhamstedians

Committee Profiles

Executive Members


Peter Willson (Cox's 1966) has served on the Committee since 2003 and is a past Master of the OB Lodge.  He is Managing Director of Hopespare Ltd, a business in Hemel Hempstead.


Deputy President:      Brigitta Case (New Stede 1980) (Née Norris)

Honorary Secretary:  Zoe Cavell (1995) (Née Mayman)

Treasurer:                 John Rush (Swifts 1959)

Sports Secretary:      Alison Guthrie (Holme 1997) (Née Connell)


General Committee Members

Mynerva Altman (Smith)

Jane Bartholomew (New Stede 1986)

Richard Case (Bees 1979)

Natasha Charlton (New Stede 1986) (Née Prior)

Keith Goddard (Adders 1962)

Mike Horton (Swifts 1964)

Matthew Horton (Swifts 1990) Editor of The Old Berkhamstedian

Emma Jeffrey (Russell 1981) (Née Fanning)

William Parsey (Hon)

Peter Rodwell

Yvonne Rush (Burgh 1961) (Née Caudrey)

Corinna Whitfield

Sue Wolstenholme OBE (Holme 1958)